President Trump Wants To  "Keep America Great"

Within two years after Trump guaranteed to "Make America Great Again", Donald Trump seemed to state mission accomplished on Friday, expressing that his reelection campaign slogan will be "KEEP AMERICA GREAT".


Trump first brought up the motto conception before he was ever sworn in last year. But as he hailed his administration's achievements on foreign and domestic policy at a rally here, he recommended he had actually already prospered in providing on his original motto.

"We cannot state 'Make America Great Again,' because I already did that," President Trump stated prior to countless advocates in an airplane hanger."

"Exactly what's more fun than a Trump rally?" the Trump asked."

But his speech was similar to the one Donald Trump gave for Luther Strange days before the state's Republican primary in 2016, in which his warm recommendation was eclipsed by his attacks on NFL football players.

Donald Trump also attacked his 3 latest predecessors Barack Obama, Bill Clinton and even George W. Bush, the Republican parties last President. "He got us into the Middle East," Trump said of Bush. "They know what they did? That was like taking a huge rock and throwing it onto a giant hornet's nest."


President Trump "Keep America Great" in 2020

But more than any other subject, Donald Trump discussed himself, advising voters he went to Wharton School from the University of Pennsylvania, telling anecdotes about his appeal, while doing an impersonation of what it would resemble for Donald Trump to act presidential.


"You know how simple it is to be presidential? But, you'd all be out of here today. You'd be so bored," Trump said, before delivering a stiff impersonation of exactly what he stated might be a presidential lecture. "See that's easy! That's a lot easier than doing what I have to do. But this is a lot more effective. Always remember, this got us elected."


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